News from Saletelligence

SALETELLIGENCE guest on the Healthcare Changers Podcast

Martin Walter from SALETELLIGENCE talked about the exciting topic of data in the Healthcare Changers Podcast. Read more

SpitalNavigator Austria: The case numbers for 2020 are here

Our digital web tool gives you access to all case numbers in the hospital as well as much more information. Read more

Rare Disease Day 2022

In the field of rare diseases, innovative and creative solutions are in demand - also in sales planning. Read more

22nd World Cancer Day

Improve doctor and patient information through fast & targeted information transfer on innovative therapies in a data-based manner. Read more

Christmas Bakery 2021

The SALETELLIGENCE Christmas bakery was active again. Here are the recipes for those who are interested. Read more

SALETELLIGENCE supports the Bethel Children’s Hospice this year

This year, we are foregoing customer gifts and supporting the Bethel children's hospice with a donation of 3,000 euros. Read more

Data merging 4.0: Use of fuzzy algorithms

Learn more about our new fuzzy matching algorithms. This means: data merging made fast and easy! Read more

Webinar: Digital Opinion Leader

Learn more about the idea, approach and benefits of targeted Digital Opinion Leader identification in our free webinar. Read more

Update Hospital Navigator: new annual figures 2019 are now available!

Use the SALETELLIGENCE Hospital Navigator for a detailed query and analysis of the latest case figures. Read more

We support the DKMS

This year, instead of customer gifts, we are supporting the German Bone Marrow Donor Centre with 3,000 euros for their work. Read more